MarcusCom, Inc.

MarcusCom is basically me, Marcus. I am a developer and network consultant. I am proficient in C, Perl, PHP, and Java. I currently work full-time for Cisco Systems out of North Carolina. I've been working for Cisco since 1998. I am Distinguished Services Engineer specializing in network management, network automation, and network programmability. I am CCIE #5384, a Sun Certified Java Programmer, and VMware Certified Professional.

On the side, I contribute to the FreeBSD project, the Netatalk project, and the Cisco-centric Open Source Initiative. As of April 5, 2002, I am a committer on the FreeBSD project. My primary area of interest is GNOME on FreeBSD.

If you need help with a development project (preferably involving FreeBSD), or help with Cisco network management products (like Cisco Prime LMS, Embedded Event Manager, Embedded Syslog Manager, Embedded Resource Manager, Embedded Menu Manager, or Tcl in IOS), please contact me. Below are a list of programs I have developed. Most are network management related.


FreeBSD Stuff