ANNOUNCE: Tinderbox 3.4 available

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Sat Oct 29 19:56:57 EDT 2011

It's here at last!  Tinderbox 3.4 has been released.  This release
includes the following changes.

* Add support for build groups to allow for adding ports to multiple
Builds at the same time.

* New documentation build from DocBook so that the text README and
website README are in sync.

* Support for FreeBSD 10.X.

* Add the ability to compress log files with bzip2.  This is an optional
feature (default is off) which can be enabled by setting the
LOG_COMPRESSLOGS configuration option.

* Add the possibility to delete existing WRKDIR tarball when the build
is successful.

* Modify the WebUI code to show, for each failed port, a link to this
tarball, if the tarball exists.

* Add a new contributed postPortBuild Hook to help optimize mass builds.

* Stderr is piped to /dev/null if debugging is not enabled.

* Add support for MySQL 5.4 and 5.5

* Add support for TEST_DEPENDS.

* Add new Hooks for pre and post checksum validation.

* Allow all ports for a given Build to be added to the BuildPortsQueue
if the -d argument is omitted when calling addBuildPortsQueueEntry.

* Add support for perl5.10.

* Add UNIX domain socket support for connecting to the database.

* Bump the ports_tree_name field to 255 characters.

* Add links to requeue a port to the tinderd queue.

* Add hooks to the configuration page. The patch lists all of the hooks
and leaves the unused ones with an empty command.

* Sort builds in drop down menu alphabetically.

* Add the number of duds to the webui frontends.

* Only show builds in the drop down menu for which the user has
permissions to add new queue entries.

* Add functionality to add more than one port at a time via the tinderd
queue view.

* A number of other fixes and cleanups.

* Fix some variable initialization issues in the webui

* Allow Jails and Builds to be removed when BuildPortsQueue entries exist

This release does come with a number of static data updates, so please
be sure to run the upgrade script.

This release includes contributions by Beat Gätzi, John Marino, Sevan,
Chris Rees, Ion-Mihai Tetcu, Bernhard Froehlich, Ade Lovett, Jason
Helfman, Alberto Villa, Gabor Pali, Olli Hauer, Wesley Shields, Joe
Horn, Dmitriy Kirhlarov, b.f., Steve Wills, Martin Wilke, Joseph S.
Atkinson, Alexey V. Degtyarev, Mark Johnston, Christopher Key, Gerald
Pfeifer, Philip M. Gollucci, Koop Mast, and Alex Dupre.

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